Thoughts, so many of them!

So, finally I have gotten to start my own blog! ‘Why?’, you ask? Many people have suggested that I should start a blog. Actually, not many, just one. But what the heck! I thought it is a good way of getting my creative juices flowing.

Anyway, I have been thinking that my brain has been working overtime lately. It just keeps thinking about random stuff. One minute I think I am lucky to have such a beautiful life, and the very next I find myself thinking my life is the suckiest that it can get.

I have a serious issue with focus. I can never focus on one thought, one dream or one goal. It all keeps changing with my thoughts. That keeps me from committing myself totally to achieving something and my life becomes a game of Roulette – what I want and what I get become completely dependent on luck, and not my hard work or desires.

I think a blog could help me clear my head and help me see things more clearly, understand the thoughts that are not helpful and discard them and the ones that would help me live the life of my dreams. Because, you see, when I study, I usually read the topic and write down what I understood. When I’m reading it, I don’t necessarily understand it one hundred percent. But when I write it down, during the process of writing down, I get an ‘aha’ moment – ‘oooh! so that is what it was!’.

Looking forward to all the ‘aha’ moments this blog will give me!


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